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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January Faves

Creme Brule white hot chocolate (Whittards)
So, I discovered white hot chocolate and it's amazing! I had tried it before once but it was way too sweet and I didn't like it however now I am a changed women and love it .. so much. I have tried the one in Starbucks which they did for christmas which was great however I don't think they still sell it now christmas is over (sad face) but this one from Whittards is so good and also it's to make at home and therefore you can make it whenever you want. Also regarding the creme brulee part it just makes it better! Also have a look at their other hot chocolates as when I was finding a link I saw some lust worthy flavours..

Missguided jumper
I never would really think of Missguided for everyday clothes but just for dresses and they always have a sale so its super cheap. I bought this jumper and its became something which I wear all the time, it's just a staple everyday jumper!

New Look Pyjama bottoms (I bought these a while ago so the link is the same pyjamas but in the tall section)
SOooo comfy, who doesn't love wearing comfy clothes and chilling!

Mac face and body foundation
My sister had this and then I stole it from her and then she gave it to me! I like this because it is super light and fresh looking, I'm so into that dewy look at the moment so this is perfect.

Next embroidered boyfriend jeans
I've wanted embroidered jeans for so long and I have been drooling over the ones in Topshop however they are kinda pricy so when I saw these in Next in the sale I grabbed e'm. I am loving everything embroidered at the moment and these just add a little something to an outfit.

I used to hate mushroom partly because I hadn't tried them because people would say they are disgusting however now I can't get enough. Every meal needs a couple (or more) mushrooms thrown in. TIP: try something which you think is disgusting and so haven't tried in ages, you may now love it!

Lush bath bombs
I got a gift box from Lush for christmas and I'm slowly getting through the bath bombs and they just make having a bath even better, for some reason having coloured water just makes everything better (and obviously they smell amazing)!

Gilmore girls (for the 100th time)
I've mentioned this before and I will again since I've watched it all again for the 100th time (more like 4 but still thats kinda a lot since theres seven seasons) and I just love it so much and recommend you watch it. The new episodes came out in November (A year in the life) however more on that in a post coming soon and if you'd like to know more about the original series I talk about it here.

Thanks for reading
   O x

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Happy.... New .....Year..... ! ..........

Helloooo, how is the new year for everybody?
I don't know why but every year I think when the year changes it will feel different or something but it never does, the world keeps spinning and I'm still me!
Every year there are lots of posts 'New year, New me' but now there are more posts mocking the 'New year, New me' posts. Just an observation, nothing life changing.

Anyway, I thought I'd just do a quick post for the new year which was actually over a week ago now but still, its fresh.
I'm not quite sure where this is going but I'm just typing and letting it flow.
So, what a crap year 2016 was for Britain and the world (omg Trump) but for me personally not too shabby!
It was basically just a year of GCSE's and then an extremely long summer which I have no idea what I did with and then the start to college and alevels which are slowly killing me, joking, kinda.
From that brief overview I can't believe that the summer of 2016 was not that long ago because for me it feels like years ago.

This year I am going to have to get a job, alevels, figure out what I want to do with my life in the future and hopefully have a good time. I have some plans such as go to vfest and New York in April but apart from that lets see where 2017 takes me.

Overall, New year, slightly improved me (hopefully)!

What are your plans for the New year or just life in general?

Thanks for reading, O x