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Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Necklaces I've been loving ..

I have recently become more conscious of the way accessories can amp up an outfit and for my birthday I was gifted a few gorgeous necklaces which have quickly become everyday staples.
Each of the necklaces are different metals so I usually wear them separately however for a layered look I am a fan of the different metals together especially the gold and rose gold. These would be great gifts or you could treat yo'self!

Monica Vinader Engraved pendant

DAISY Chakra

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Kale Salads

1 ingredient 2 ways

Who doesn't love kale and I am kinda bored of the classic lettuce salad so by switching it up with kale you can add new flavours and mix things up a bit!
You can basically do anything with it once you have boiled it, just add which ever ingredients you would like and enjoy. These are two different recipes which are super easy and I love.

Halloumi and Mushroom

INGREDIENTS  (One Serving)
Tomatoes (chopped)
Mushrooms (chopped)
Halloumi  (Sliced)
Olive Oil

Amount? - So I kinda just throw it all in but it is about a handful of everything, a bit more of Kale, only drizzles of the olive oil and mayo. 

Step 1
Put some water in a pan and add the kale put the lid on and let it steam until its wilted and therefore ready!

Step 2 
Put the Halloumi and Mushrooms in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil.
Take the Halloumi out of the pan when it is browned and crispy on both sides and then set aside.

Step 3
While the mushrooms are cooking drain the kale and add to a bowl with the tomatoes.

Step 4
When the mushrooms are browned and soft add the halloumi back into the pan to warm through then add into the bowl.

Step 5
Drizzle with a little olive oil and/or mayo and then mix all together so that all the ingredients are spread out.

Step 6
Eat and enjoy!

Tuna Mayo

This is a tuna mayo version I made the other day, using the same basic recipe but different flavours!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Back to Birchbox // August

I cancelled my Birchbox last year when I wasn't enjoying the products v much and saving the £12 a month was a bonus! However recently I subscribed again as some friends were and I felt like trying some new products as recently I feel as if my beauty collection has hit a standstill and I've been using the same products and not discovering any new.
I've had the box for a month so this is the second box and since I have a need to experiment with some flat lays and backgrounds this is the perfect opportunity.
So, here is Birchbox August ... all that it contained and a little review of the products ..... enjoy!

St Tropez
Bronzing face sheet mask

As you can see by the unopened packet I haven't used this yet however the concept intrigues me. I am a little concerned that I will come out with an orange face but whether I end up looking like an oompa loompa or not expect a review.

A05 brush

I've seen Spectrum brushes popping up everywhere out of the blue and so I was excited to see them in the box. This brush has the shape I like to use for bronzer and is very similar to the Zoeva 127 I use currently. The brush is super soft and blends well, I definitely want to try some more spectrum products.

Dry oil shimmer

So this is something I would never even think about buying as it looks kinda weird and I'm not even sure what a dry oil is but I actually really like it and would even think about repurchasing. First of all it smells amazing and that is kinda the key factor to why it's so great. It's an oil but when you rub it into your skin it's not greasy but just adds moisture, a shimmery glow and a sweet scent.

Shadow stick

Birchbox alway seems to be putting eyeshadow sticks in and this one isn't bad quality and is a pretty shade however I don't use them very often. They are handy for on the go as you can basically do a one swipe on the eye and go but I would rather something new or different!

Number 4
Sugar texturizing spray

This is another that smells good, it gives your hair a bit of beachy texture and leaves the scent in your hair.

Saturday, 15 July 2017


Monday, 1 May 2017

My Current Makeup look - Orange eyes

I have recently been wearing orange eyeshadow for my everyday look and I'm lovin' it.
Everything in this look is a fave, I was going to do a makeup favourites post but this is basically it. I got some new faves from Sephora so if you know where to find them in the UK then holla! Most of the rest are solid faves that I've used for ages. I will be doing a Sephora haul post where I'll go into more detail of those products and can I just say how much I'm loving Tarte at the moment.
So heres the look and what I used ....

Mango Shake
Zoeva 227/Luxe soft definer
I've wanted an orange eyeshadow for so long and have had my eye on the Morphe 35OM palette however it is constantly out of stock so I bought this eyeshadow which was from Sephora and is their own brand. To be totally honest it is not the best pigment or lasting however I absolutely love the colour and so with some primer and setting spray I love it and would recommend.

Superliner black precision

Lights, Camera, Splashes

EYEBROWS - Anastasia
Dip Brow Pomade
Morphe M158

Healthy mix serum
Face sponge and Zoeva 102/Silk finish

POWDER - Loreal
Nude Magique BB powder
Zoeva 106/Powder

CONCEALER- Urban Decay
Naked skin

BRONZER - Physicians Formula
Butter bronzer
Zoeva 127/Luxe sheer cheek

HIGHLIGHTER - Soap and Glory and Tarte
Hocus Focus and Amazonian Clay (Stunner)
Zoeva 231/Luxe petite crease

LIPS - Tarte
Tarteist lip paint (birthday suit)
This was a Sephora beauty insider gift so the shade is exclusive to that but they have some similar in the main range.

I put the brush I used next to the product ..  you are welcome !
Most of the brushes I use are Zoeva and I would highly recommend, I have the Rose Gold set and it seems expensive (because it is) however if you work it out per brush then it's a deal!



Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January Faves

Creme Brule white hot chocolate (Whittards)
So, I discovered white hot chocolate and it's amazing! I had tried it before once but it was way too sweet and I didn't like it however now I am a changed women and love it .. so much. I have tried the one in Starbucks which they did for christmas which was great however I don't think they still sell it now christmas is over (sad face) but this one from Whittards is so good and also it's to make at home and therefore you can make it whenever you want. Also regarding the creme brulee part it just makes it better! Also have a look at their other hot chocolates as when I was finding a link I saw some lust worthy flavours..

Missguided jumper
I never would really think of Missguided for everyday clothes but just for dresses and they always have a sale so its super cheap. I bought this jumper and its became something which I wear all the time, it's just a staple everyday jumper!

New Look Pyjama bottoms (I bought these a while ago so the link is the same pyjamas but in the tall section)
SOooo comfy, who doesn't love wearing comfy clothes and chilling!

Mac face and body foundation
My sister had this and then I stole it from her and then she gave it to me! I like this because it is super light and fresh looking, I'm so into that dewy look at the moment so this is perfect.

Next embroidered boyfriend jeans
I've wanted embroidered jeans for so long and I have been drooling over the ones in Topshop however they are kinda pricy so when I saw these in Next in the sale I grabbed e'm. I am loving everything embroidered at the moment and these just add a little something to an outfit.

I used to hate mushroom partly because I hadn't tried them because people would say they are disgusting however now I can't get enough. Every meal needs a couple (or more) mushrooms thrown in. TIP: try something which you think is disgusting and so haven't tried in ages, you may now love it!

Lush bath bombs
I got a gift box from Lush for christmas and I'm slowly getting through the bath bombs and they just make having a bath even better, for some reason having coloured water just makes everything better (and obviously they smell amazing)!

Gilmore girls (for the 100th time)
I've mentioned this before and I will again since I've watched it all again for the 100th time (more like 4 but still thats kinda a lot since theres seven seasons) and I just love it so much and recommend you watch it. The new episodes came out in November (A year in the life) however more on that in a post coming soon and if you'd like to know more about the original series I talk about it here.

Thanks for reading
   O x

Wednesday, 30 November 2016


MY favourite perfumes ....

Jo Malone - mimosa and cardamon

Narciso Rodriguez

 Marc Jacobs - Honey

 Zoella - Blissful Mistful