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Friday, 16 September 2016

Sheet face mask - Maskeraide - first impression

Sooo, I've wanted to try a sheet face mask for ages, partly because of Shay Mitchell's snapchat story where she seems to use them 24/7 and also still look amazing with them on (sad face that I don't look like Shay) and also because they look fun and I really want to get into skincare and making my skin beautiful!
Anyway so I was looking on Asos (as per) and adding basicly everything to my saved items when I saw this sheet mask so I ordered it (with some other stuff) and here we are today where I will show you my first experience with a sheet mask.

The brand- Maskeraide, I have never heard of before, but from some online research I have found that they are eco-friendly and made from an argan oil based sereum.
Let's go ....

My Thoughts

I really like this mask; it was super easy to use as you just pop it on then take off after 15 mins and your done. It felt hydrating as it was wet and serum-y which is good for dry skin like mine, however it doesn't get deep into your skin as its just sitting on top.
Overall, I think these would be good for a boost of hydration at home but especially on a flight or in winter when your skins just not lovin life!

- hydrating
- easy to use
- not too expensive
- face felt soft after

- expensive if use frequently
- not sure how much they do

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