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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Everyday Makeup

My  makeup routine stays quite similar everyday , so i thought i would show you  my everyday makeup products ; what they are and why i like them.

Baby skin
This is a primer which i like to use to just give me a poreless base for my foundation. I also think it makes my foundation last longer as is it just me but i hate having to touch up my makeup (ain't nobody got time for that). 
Ps i love the packaging!!

                                                                 Healthy mix foundation
I really like this foundation as it is not too heavy ; I really dislike heavy foundation , but it still gives me a nice everyday coverage.It applies nicely and doesn't do bad for my skin , but its does say for up to 16hrs which has never happened to me but i have never had a  foundation  last that long and it says up to.  

Rose gold 926
Sleek makeup
This blush is such a beautiful color , it is very pink and gives your cheeks a pretty glow. I also love the fact it has a mirror as that is just super helpful.

                                                          Stay matte pressed powder
This is just a basic powder ; it is super cheap and stops me from looking oily ( what more could i ask for?).

                                                    Color tattoo - pink gold
I love this so much as i can wear it on its own or just as a base and it has amazing staying power.
I would never usually go for pink eye shadow but i really like this color.

                                                 Au naturel eye shadow palette
                                                         sleek makeup
This palette is super natural which is great for everyday use i specifically use the shimmery champagne color in the corner on a daily basis. I wear it over my maybelline color tattoo to add some shimmer and sometimes if i want a less pink look.    

                                                                              Super liner
I got this recently and as I am not too good at applying eyeliner i am still coming to terms with it not being like a pen like my old one. I do really like this though and i can see this being a new favorite.

                                                                 Scandal eyes - retro glam
This mascara gives me great volume and  length. I have had it for quite a while now though so I think it may be time for a change.Saying that it is not drying up at all and i won't want to bin it until it is completely unusable. 

So many people recommend this concealer but i personally just think it is OK. It does its job and it is not a bad concealer but i have nothing amazing to say about it and i would not repurchase it.

                                                                       Brow pencil
This is OK but I just mainly use it to make sure my brows are neat and to fill in any empty patches.The problem I have with this is it constantly needs sharpening , so it does not last very long at all.

                                                         Tanya Burr lip-gloss
I love this lip-gloss so much! It is just so glossy and such a pretty color , and to make it better it is by Tanya Burr whose videos i love. I also don't usually wear gloss but for spring its perfection!
 Thanks for reading , I hope you enjoyed and I maybe gave you some inspiration towards your everyday makeup.Oh and happy late Easter , I hope you all got lots of chocolate and ate it all!

Saturday, 12 April 2014


I wasn't quite sure what to do for my first post (or second if you count my welcome to my blog post), so I looked around my room and all I saw was candles (I have a slight obsession , if i had enough money i would have so many more).So i'm going to write about my favorite candles ; with some thoughts behind it all and some photos (i'm not too good at the photo taking, so bare with me).

Yankee Candle

Sweet pink
This is a very sweet , floral scent and i love it. When I took the lid off for the first time the scent was so strong and it still is.This is my only Yankee candle as personally I think they are slightly over priced but still amazing. When i bought this i thought about giving it to my mum for Mothers day but she is not interested in candles and i really wanted a Yankee Candle so i thought "what the hell" and here we are today!!

Chupa chups
Strawberry and cream
So this candle was only one pound from Poundland and is still fantabulous.This candle smells exactly like a Chupa Chups strawberry and cream lollipop , and I also really love the shape of the container.I have this candle sitting on my windowsill almost like a piece of furniture.So if you are looking for an amazing cheap as chips candle then look no further.


(Sorry couldn't find the candle so this is just a link to the Sephora website).
I bought this candle when i was in Italy with school on a trip , and i bought my sister a green tea scented one , and my mum a orange blossom scented one. I thought Sephora was American , but it is actually French. For the people out there who have never heard of Sephora it is a beauty shop , they do ship to the UK but i'm not sure if there are any stores in the UK. Anyway back to the candle ; this candle smells very fresh , and it has a sort of perfumed scent to it.The mango scent is more of a artificial mango scent but smells good all the same.It is a very small candle but the black sleek container makes it look cute wherever you put it!

Bath and body works

Frosted cupcake
(I have linked the Bath and body works website and the candle i have on Amazon as it is not on the Bath and body works website anymore , so sorry about that but its just not there!!)
My sister actually bought me this candle as I wanted a Bath and body works candle for so long so when she went on holiday with her friend and there was a store there I told her she had to get me a candle!This candle is very sweet and smells just like cupcakes , it can be a bit of an overwhelming scent , but if i'm in a sweet mood then i will get my matches and light this candle up.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Welcome to my blog !!

So i'm Olivia , I am 13 years old and I love reading blogs so I thought why not make one myself. My plans for this blog are to just post thoughts about beauty and fashion as that's something that interests me but there will also be posts about random things.
I doubt i will stick to this "plan" as i will just see what works best, please comment any suggestions as I would love to hear them.
Happy reading , have a great day!!