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Sunday, 28 August 2016

What I eat in a day- with recipes

This is what I ate on a casual day.

BREAKFAST -  healthy-ish pancakes

These pancakes are my go to if I want pancakes but want them to be a little bit healthier.


- 1 banana 
- 1 egg
- 2 tablespoons buckwheat flour
- 1 tablespoon flaxseed powder
- muesli/ granola/ chocolate chips (optional)
- fruit
- maple syrup/ agave syrup

- Mash up the banana 
- Mix in the egg
- Mix in the flour and flaxseed
- Add in the muesli/granola if using

I didn't have any syrup so they weren't as good as usual so I definitely recommend making sure you add syrup! (they were still good though)


LUNCH - tomato and sweetcorn giant couscous


- giant couscous
- chopped tomatoes with herbs 227g tin
- sweetcorn small tin
- sugar (if you want it a little sweeter)

- boil the couscous as stated on the packet
- drain couscous and add in tomatoes, sugar and sweetcorn
- keep on the hob until warm enough
- serve

     This picture does make it look a little like baby food or worse but trust me it does taste good.

TEA/DINNER (or whatever you call it)-  chicken with kale and butternut squash noodle stir fry


- half butternut squash (diced)
- handful kale
- 1 chicken breast (diced)
- noodles (I used straight to wok udon noodles)
- olive oil/butter
- 1 tsp piri piri spice
- 2 tbsp apple chilli jelly
- soy sauce

- Add oil to the pan
- add in the butternut squash and spices
- cook until slightly browned then put aside
- add chicken to pan with apple chilli jelly
- add in kale when chicken cooked through
- add in butternut squash
- add in noodles
- cook for a couple of minutes
-serve with soy sauce


These are the snacks I had as well as the main meals.

- Candyfloss grapes
  I ate the whole pack of these throughout the day as they were so good. They are normal tasting grapes with a slight hint of candyfloss flavour .. mmmm.

- Some blueberries

- Nobbly bobbly ice cream
  I hadn't had one of these in ages and they taste greeeaat!
  If you've never had one they are chocolate and strawberry ice cream covered in chocolate with        
  sprinkles on the top.

- Sweets
  I watched a movie and ate some sweets, what can I say!

Friday, 19 August 2016

Aria- PLL inspired makeup

Bourjois- healthy mix serum
Rimmel- eyebrow pencil
Benefit- hoola bronzer
Morphe- eyeshadow palette
Avon- gold pencil liner
Benefit- they're real mascara and mascara primer
Mac- lipstick patisserie
Benefit- high beam highlighter

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tomato and Olive Giant Cous Cous

Giant cous cous is a new favourite of mine, I hadn't seen it before recently and so thought I would give it a try. It is kinda more 'pasta-y' than normal cous cous and as the name would suggest bigger!
You could use this recipe as a dish all of its own or have it as a side.


Step 1
Boil the cous cous using the instructions on the packet then drain and place into a bowl.

Step 2
Add in chopped cherry tomatoes, olives, and sun-dried tomatoes with a little bit of the oil from the jar.

Step 3
Eat, that is all there is to it!

As you can see this recipe is super simple but still tastes really good!