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Wednesday, 30 November 2016


MY favourite perfumes ....

Jo Malone - mimosa and cardamon

Narciso Rodriguez

 Marc Jacobs - Honey

 Zoella - Blissful Mistful

Sunday, 6 November 2016

My fave baking cookbooks

 Hummingbird Bakery

I am a huge fan of all the hummingbird bakery books they just seem to know how to make good bakes. If you haven't heard of the Hummingbird bakery they have bakeries in London but they also have a few recipe books. I have three of the books; home sweet home, cake days and the first book which is just called hummingbird bakery. The book I'd recommend the most is the first book as it has staple recipes which if you like to bake you need to try.

I have noticed through baking different recipes that the hummingbird recipes are often different from your usual methods. I have made most of the recipes and some many times.

I would recommend pretty much all the recipes so it is kinda hard to pick favourites however the cupcakes in general are really good, chocolate cake; this cake is amazing, I have made it many times some for an occasion and other just because and it tastes so great. The cake always turns out super moist and is like the perfect chocolate cake. However be warned it uses a big mix and with regards to the chocolate frosting depending on how thick you want it you may want to half the mixture as it makes a lot but that is something that you may just find out after making it a couple of times and you can always just use the leftover frosting for some cakes or eat it if you are a fan of that.

Another recommendation is the carrot cake, my dad loves carrot cake so I went through a stage of making this a lot for him and he loved it!

There is also the brownie which is one of the best brownie recipes and has that gooeyness to it which you have to trust yourself to take it out the oven because it is supposed to be not totally cooked and will cook slightly when its been taken out of the oven.

In regards to the other books they are great too and use similar methods and there are some fun cupcake and cake ideas with different flavours and different ideas for occasions.

Tanya Bakes

I got Tanya Bakes not just from Amazon or in Whsmiths but when I met Tanya at a book signing in Birmingham! I'm sure you all know who Tanya is and if you don't 1) whatttt? 2) google her , I am a fan of Tanya's and am not slating her at all otherwise she wouldn't be in this post however the only thing I don't get about the book is that there are recipes in the book which are not Tanya's , for example it will say 'Mary Berry's cookies' which just kinda defeats the object but ahh well as long as the recipes are good!

Sooooo, as I have said I love this book!

The reason this is a great recipe book is because every recipe looks like something you would want to make. There are some classic bakes and also new recipes yet they are still 'makeable' (like there are no crazy ingredients in there and you don't need a couple of days to make it&....). If you aren't a fan of Tanya you may not have seen this book but if you like baking then be sure to check it out as you don't have to be a fan to buy the book.

I haven't had the book too long so I haven't tried out loads of the recipes but of the ones I have here are my recommendations; salted nutella cookies, brownies (which are slightly healthy) and rainbow cake which is a mammoth cake and would be great for an occasion.

So, those are my favourite cookbooks, be sure to comment your favourite books for baking and any recipe recommendations. Have a nice day!

Friday, 7 October 2016

Apple crumble cupcakes

The cupcake recipe is from Zoella and so if you want to create them then here's a link but here is my creation of them!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sheet face mask - Maskeraide - first impression

Sooo, I've wanted to try a sheet face mask for ages, partly because of Shay Mitchell's snapchat story where she seems to use them 24/7 and also still look amazing with them on (sad face that I don't look like Shay) and also because they look fun and I really want to get into skincare and making my skin beautiful!
Anyway so I was looking on Asos (as per) and adding basicly everything to my saved items when I saw this sheet mask so I ordered it (with some other stuff) and here we are today where I will show you my first experience with a sheet mask.

The brand- Maskeraide, I have never heard of before, but from some online research I have found that they are eco-friendly and made from an argan oil based sereum.
Let's go ....

My Thoughts

I really like this mask; it was super easy to use as you just pop it on then take off after 15 mins and your done. It felt hydrating as it was wet and serum-y which is good for dry skin like mine, however it doesn't get deep into your skin as its just sitting on top.
Overall, I think these would be good for a boost of hydration at home but especially on a flight or in winter when your skins just not lovin life!

- hydrating
- easy to use
- not too expensive
- face felt soft after

- expensive if use frequently
- not sure how much they do

Saturday, 10 September 2016

August Faves

Halloumi I have been obsessed with halloumi lately as it goes with everything and tastes so good! I like to grill it so it goes crispy on the outside.

Marshmallow squares Tanya bakes I went to the Tanya bakes book signing to get the book as I've watched Tanya Burr for so long and also other you-tubers but never been to a meet-up or signing so when I saw about the signing I was like "lets go"! Me and my friend went and had a good time however I'm guessing all meet-ups are similar but from this experience I found that; you wait in a queue for forever and then get rushed through to meet the person and then when its over your just thinking was it worth it! Obviously thats how it has to be to be able to get lots of people through so that lots of people can meet whoever it is.
Anyway, onto the book, I love 'Tanya Bakes'! There are so many amazing recipes in the book, I have tried a few and they have all turned out great. Recently, I made the marshmallow squares which are so easy and tasty. I would definitely recommend this to all of you out there who love to bake whether you watch Tanya burr or not.

Coconut yogurt
This yogurt is my fave! It has a slight coconut taste rather than full on like the coconut yogurts such as 'CoYo' so if you don't like those yogurts like me then try this.

Mango iced tea sachets 
When I was on holiday my go to drink was iced tea partly because I love iced tea but also iced tea always tasted better on holiday. In the local shop they sold sachets of the iced tea which you could buy so I thought I could bring the iced tea back and make it at home. It tastes so good and reminds me of being on holiday.
(If anybody knows where you can get anything similar to it then please comment as can't find it in the UK.)

Topshop trousers
These trousers are perfect! I wear jeans a lot and am kinda bored with them so these are an alternative which are still casual but can be dressed up if you'd want. They are super comfy and in my opinion still look stylish.

Olivia Burton Watch
I've had this watch since christmas but never mentioned it so I figured why not mention it now. I wear it everyday and love it. Olivia Burton has loads of really nice watches so check it out if you are looking for a new watch.


Jo malone candle
This candle makes your whole house smell amazing! It is a little pricey (however I did get given it as a gift) but I think it is totally worth it and a nice treat if you like using candles.
Pineapple tray
I got this to put my pandora bracelets and watch on and it adds a pop of colour to my table.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Paper Gang - Ohh deer subscription box

Since college starts soon I thought I'd get some stationary and instead of buying some I got this subscription box from ohh deer. The box came and it was marble and so beautiful! I really love the products that came however there weren't many but it has a value of more than it cost so it is still a good deal.

Anyway here is the box ..