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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

My Everyday Makeup

My  makeup routine stays quite similar everyday , so i thought i would show you  my everyday makeup products ; what they are and why i like them.

Baby skin
This is a primer which i like to use to just give me a poreless base for my foundation. I also think it makes my foundation last longer as is it just me but i hate having to touch up my makeup (ain't nobody got time for that). 
Ps i love the packaging!!

                                                                 Healthy mix foundation
I really like this foundation as it is not too heavy ; I really dislike heavy foundation , but it still gives me a nice everyday coverage.It applies nicely and doesn't do bad for my skin , but its does say for up to 16hrs which has never happened to me but i have never had a  foundation  last that long and it says up to.  

Rose gold 926
Sleek makeup
This blush is such a beautiful color , it is very pink and gives your cheeks a pretty glow. I also love the fact it has a mirror as that is just super helpful.

                                                          Stay matte pressed powder
This is just a basic powder ; it is super cheap and stops me from looking oily ( what more could i ask for?).

                                                    Color tattoo - pink gold
I love this so much as i can wear it on its own or just as a base and it has amazing staying power.
I would never usually go for pink eye shadow but i really like this color.

                                                 Au naturel eye shadow palette
                                                         sleek makeup
This palette is super natural which is great for everyday use i specifically use the shimmery champagne color in the corner on a daily basis. I wear it over my maybelline color tattoo to add some shimmer and sometimes if i want a less pink look.    

                                                                              Super liner
I got this recently and as I am not too good at applying eyeliner i am still coming to terms with it not being like a pen like my old one. I do really like this though and i can see this being a new favorite.

                                                                 Scandal eyes - retro glam
This mascara gives me great volume and  length. I have had it for quite a while now though so I think it may be time for a change.Saying that it is not drying up at all and i won't want to bin it until it is completely unusable. 

So many people recommend this concealer but i personally just think it is OK. It does its job and it is not a bad concealer but i have nothing amazing to say about it and i would not repurchase it.

                                                                       Brow pencil
This is OK but I just mainly use it to make sure my brows are neat and to fill in any empty patches.The problem I have with this is it constantly needs sharpening , so it does not last very long at all.

                                                         Tanya Burr lip-gloss
I love this lip-gloss so much! It is just so glossy and such a pretty color , and to make it better it is by Tanya Burr whose videos i love. I also don't usually wear gloss but for spring its perfection!
 Thanks for reading , I hope you enjoyed and I maybe gave you some inspiration towards your everyday makeup.Oh and happy late Easter , I hope you all got lots of chocolate and ate it all!

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