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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

What's in my bag + blog update

So before I show you the contents of my bag I'm just going to tell you what changes I am making to my blog.Firstly I'm going to post more often and maybe in the future have specific posting days, so comment any suggestions you may have about that. I also recently changed my blog description to include food as baking is a hobby of mine and I really want to post more about it so I plan to do more posts about baking.
Now here is my bag....
Happy reading!

My bag is from Zara and I've never had a backpack before but I actually love it as my arm never aches after hours of shopping even if it is a little annoying when you want to grab your purse in a hurry there's is a silver lining to every beautiful thing!

My purse is from river island and I don't love it as much as when I first bought it and I'm looking for a new purse but it has lasted ages and there is no damage except from a few scratches and if I don't want to take a bag it fits perfectly in my coat pocket.

My random bag essentials include: hair bobbles, bobby pins, chewing gum or mints, pen, earphones, perfume, and sunglasses.
My sunglasses are from French Connection.

 thank you for reading x

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