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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Desk Tour

This is my desk.
Haven't posted in ages as it has just been revision, revision and more revision lately.
Might do a revision tips post to help any others of you that are having exams.
Happy Reading!

 This is the corner area of my desk. Most of my beauty products, sunglasses, and of course a jar of Daims.

 These are my favorite beauty products, which i use most days. The box is an old shoe-box covered in patterned tissue paper.
 My perfumes, if you would like to know more check out my scent collection!
In the beauty bon bons tin are my nail polishes and you can see the edge of my hair dryer.

 Another decorated shoe-box and some bits and bobs too!

 I love my painted mason jars, I bought them from Etsy and the person i bought them from was so helpful so if you would like some then here is a link. My pen pot is from IKEA.

 This is  my make-up which I use everyday.

The holders are old candles from IKEA.

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                           Thank you for reading!

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