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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Revision Tips

Since for a lot of people its exams now or soon, I thought I would share some tips on revision.
Some may work for you, some may not, revision is about finding out what works for you.
Happy reading!

1. Make a timetable
   You can make one on the internet or just draw it out yourself

 Be realistic though, you know how much you can achieve in a day so only set yourself that                 amount.

2. Ways to revise
    Post-it notes/Revision cards: Write a question on the front and answer on the back.
                   Write notes or definitions of keywords and stick them wherever you like.

     Mind maps: Put the subject in the middle and put key points around the edge.

     Highlight: highlight your revision guide or anything which is big and bulky, so you just get the             key points.

      Draw: If you are creative and learn better through pictures, then draw the points instead of writing       it. For example: draw the eye instead of writing about it, (you may need to do some                             annotations).

      Speak: Say it and record it and listen to it with earphones on the way to school or just blast it out         in your bedroom, you could get somebody else to record it for you if you like as it can be a little         weird to listen to your own voice.
3. Once you have worked out what works best for you, just do it!

4. Revision on the go!
   There are some great apps that are you can use whenever you have a spare moment.
    I have a section on my phone called education, these are my favorites: Quizlet, GCSE Science test and learn (If you are doing GCSE core science then this is really helpful), gojimo, (there are also lots of subject specific apps which you can find if you just search the subject into the app store).

5. Take breaks
     (You can't work non-stop so give yourself breaks)
6. Do it for future you!
    Think about the fact that when they are over you can just relax (for me I can't wait for the summer holidays, when I will have 6 weeks of relaxation)
This is my time-table that I just used to prepare me for the mocks and I was doing it for future me in London!

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Thank you for reading!

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