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Sunday, 1 May 2016

April Favourites

                                      This is what I've been loving in the month of April!
Nivea post shave balm
 So, no i haven't turned into a man or started to shave my face! As you may have seen you can use this stuff as primer so thats what I've been doing. It is super cheap ( 2 pound something from Wilko), smells really good (I personally love the smell of mens products) and it helps your makeup stick to ya face!

Maybeline eyeshadows (I have the colours: pink gold, on and on bronze, creamy beige)
I had these ages ago and a couple of weeks ago, got them out from my unused makeup and ended up getting back into loving them again. They work great as a base or on top to add extra colour.

Khloes Kardazzle 
Yess, there is a product called that and it is for your face! I got this around christmas from clothes show live and it is actually pretty good. The eyeshadows are really pigmented and my fave colour is the reddy brown in the corner. They do fade throughout the day however, but load on some setting spray and you'll be fine. The highlighters and blush are also great I use the whiter looking one on the left and this also fades a little bit but it gives a really pretty glow and applies nicely.

Dried mango 
I don't really know what to say except I love it because it tastes great and is the best snack! (also from eating so much of it I have found that the best places to buy it are Sainsbury's and Tesco's (their own brand) and Urban Fruit).

These sunglasses are from Topshop and I'm obsessed, I just think that when you put on a pair of cute sunglasses you immediately look more 'glam'!

Zoeva brush (this is the brush separately but not in rose gold)
This brush is an eyeshadow brush and it is the only thing that you will need to do eyeshadow! Thats a pretty hefty statement but my point is this brush can put the colour on and blend it and makes applying eyeshadow really easy.

Revision Planner
If you are also in exam mode as you have GCSE's or other exams then firstly, I feel for you and we are in this together and secondly, get a revision planner, specifically this planner as its so cute. This is from an online shop called Sighh and they sell the nicest stuff. They do lots of phone cases (I have this one) and a few prints and other bits with the 'cutest' (replace cutest with anything else but I can't think of any other words but nice and cute) designs. So, basically check it out or be doomed!!

Bomber Jacket
I'm not going to say much about this as I have done a whole post dedicated to this beautiful jacket. I like it, I wear it, so I put it in my favourites.

Asos shoes
When I first got these shoes I was unsure whether I liked them so I messaged my friends and there were different opinions they were mainly like their nice and "they remind me of bowling shoes", not the response I wanted, but anyway after walking around in them and looking in the mirror at them a lot I decided to keep them and I am eternally thankful to past Olivia as I love them as they don't show my 'ew' feet and they look really spring/summery with every outfit and make me a little taller which is always a bonus.



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