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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My favourite TV programmes (like ever)

This list of amazing tv programmes is in a vague order ( going from the ones I like the most to the bottom where I still love the programmes but not as much as the ones at the top, however the ones at the top are basically equal and many are equal in liking as its really hard to put them in an order).
Now I've explained that, lets get into it .. enjoy!

Gilmore girls
This is about a mother and daughter named Lorelai and Rory who live together in a town called Stars Hollow. You see everything that happens in their lives; school, family, friends and relationships. There are many amazing characters that you WILL love and laugh at too. 
I watched this when I was younger on the tv (I know, the olden days when people actually watched live tv!) I loved it so last year watched it on Netflix and finished it faster than I should of and am now obsessed again. I was about a season into watching it again and Netflix blocked it so I can no longer watch it but hopefully that will change or I am thinking about buying a boxset. 
I would suggest this programme to everyone as I think that anyone can enjoy it and you may want to get binge watching as after 9 years (I think) of it being finished there is a new season coming out!! (I am so freaking exited)!!!!
*update you can now watch Gilmore girls on Netflix wherever you are in the world!

Castle is about a writer called Richard Castle who writes crime novels and works with the NYPD unit which solve Homicides (murders) to get inspiration and also help them with his different ideas to solve cases. Every episode there is a new murder and the team work together to solve it. There is also a lighter side to it where it goes into Castle's life which can sometimes connect to what is happening in the murders.

The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 
This programme is relatively new and unfortunately (for the people who don't have Netflix) a Netflix original so only available on Netflix. It is about a girl named Kimmy who is rescued from a cult and then moves to New York for a new start. She is totally clueless which adds to the humour and is just so different from other programmes. I think everyone should watch this and will love it for different reasons.

The big bang theory
A classic. I have watched every episode of this programme many times and it never gets old, there is no end to the love I have for this programme. It is about four nerdy guys and at first what seems a stereotypical blonde but obvi there is more to her than that and the guys are more than just nerds! (I don't mean that in a they are actually secret agents way, just that you get to know them and know their personalities)

Pretty little liars
There isn't much to say about this as you either already watch and know the theme tune by heart, "gotta secret..", or know about it and don't want to watch it and hey we have free will so I'm not gonna force ya! However it is a great programme and if you watch it then please comment about it as its one of those programmes which needs to be discussed for some unknown reason? The new season just came out and it is definitely so much better than the last, its only been one episode however there is just more drama and it doesn't seem like it is going to drag.

 p.s. this post is taking forever to write so we are probably a couple of seasons ahead on all these programmes and there is all new stuff to say!! but ah well..

Lie to me
There is a major problem with this programme.... there are only three seasons which is just not enough. Moving on.. I found this programme really made me think, it is about a man who uses facial expressions and gestures to try and tell if somebody is telling the truth. He often helps solve crimes but I just find the whole idea intriguing.

How I met your mother
This is a similar situation to the big bang theory as I watched many times and still love. It is about a guy named Ted who is telling his future kids the story of how he met their mother. It is not solely focused on this as there are many seasons and it is not a straight road to find out what happened. This programme has ended and every time I watch the final episode it is so emotional as there is so much build up to find out who she is that it is kinda sad when its all over. I personally don't think the ending was the right choice however I don't think there could of been an ending that everyone would of been happy with but the ending they went with was not predictable but not the way to go.

Ghost whisperer
I am not really sure if I believe in ghosts or not but this programme definitely gave me a perspective about all that stuff which I don't know if I believe but I want it to be real.
It is about a women who can see ghosts (which are people who haven't moved on to the afterlife yet) and she helps them move on.
If you have seen the programme then keep reading as this may be a little spoiler for some but anyway this programme is great however when her friend dies in the shop I just felt that the show lost something a little bit?

Young and hungry
This is the perfect light weekend binge watch!
This is about a girl named Gabi who gets a job as a personal chef and basically her life around that.

To make this post not super freaking long here is just the rest of the programmes without an explanation!

-Life unexpected
-White collar
-Melissa and Joey
-Made in Chelsea
-Cupcake wars
-Orange is the new black
-Would I lie to you