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Monday, 11 July 2016

Deliciously Ella

I have always loved cooking, especially baking and have spent many hours trying different recipes. There are a few cookbooks which are my go to and this is one of them!

This is my most recent obsession and I am getting through all the recipes and loving them. Healthy living is something that I am becoming to be very interested in. I am not vegan or vegetarian or have any specific diet but that doesn't mean I can't make foods which follow those diets. The plant based diet is something that maybe in the future I would like to follow but mainly just having a healthy lifestyle is most important.

Anyway, actually onto the book, I got this book for christmas and it has loads of amazing recipes but what I love the most is that there are a list of essential ingredients which is a great thing to keep in mind for food shopping or ingredients to use. There is also recipes to make some of these such as milk alternatives and nut butters. 

Because I have no life I actually organised my book by putting mini bookmarks in some recipes which I would like to try in different categories; breakfast, mains and snacks!

These are some recipes which are tried and tested and loved; 

Quinoa Pizza crust
Quinoa Tabbouleh
Buckwheat Focaccia
Ten- minute Tomato Pasta
Sweet potato brownies
Raw brownies
Almond milk

This is most of the recipes that I have tried as only a few have not been successful and there are loads more recipes to try which will most likely mean lots more favourites to come!

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