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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Wall Decor

I decided to make this post as I realised the other day I am actually really happy with my room and although there are some changes I would like to make and I'm always wanting to add things in its kinda at a place where it is looking good (in my opinion)!
I'm really into room decor and as I said about wanting to add things in and just always make it look that little bit better with something I saw online or in somebody else's room or just a random idea that popped into my head. The main thing in my room that probably won't change anytime soon in the walls and I really like the things which are on my walls and I don't think that I need any more stuff on my walls. The only thing I would change is the blue wall as its an okay colour however I'm not really a fan and this room was actually my sisters before she went to Uni and she painted it so I would like to paint over that wall in something more neutral.
Lets get into it then, so here is whats on my walls, hope you like it!








1. Ikea
2&6. These are both from Depop which is an app where people sell stuff, the seller was called;
3.Fairy lights: Ikea
   Copper clips: Depop
4.The 4 pictures on the left and bottom middle are from SIGHH designs
   the others came in a Birchbox    
5. Picture: New York
    Frame: Ikea
7. Next

P.S. Sooo, I've kinda been obsessed with Pinterest lately; lookin at food, tattoos, diy's and room decor cause they have the cutest ideas. Anyway I have a board "room decor" which is mainly just ideas of how I would love my room to look so if your wanting some inspiration then check it out and just Pinterest in general.

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