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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Back to Birchbox // August

I cancelled my Birchbox last year when I wasn't enjoying the products v much and saving the £12 a month was a bonus! However recently I subscribed again as some friends were and I felt like trying some new products as recently I feel as if my beauty collection has hit a standstill and I've been using the same products and not discovering any new.
I've had the box for a month so this is the second box and since I have a need to experiment with some flat lays and backgrounds this is the perfect opportunity.
So, here is Birchbox August ... all that it contained and a little review of the products ..... enjoy!

St Tropez
Bronzing face sheet mask

As you can see by the unopened packet I haven't used this yet however the concept intrigues me. I am a little concerned that I will come out with an orange face but whether I end up looking like an oompa loompa or not expect a review.

A05 brush

I've seen Spectrum brushes popping up everywhere out of the blue and so I was excited to see them in the box. This brush has the shape I like to use for bronzer and is very similar to the Zoeva 127 I use currently. The brush is super soft and blends well, I definitely want to try some more spectrum products.

Dry oil shimmer

So this is something I would never even think about buying as it looks kinda weird and I'm not even sure what a dry oil is but I actually really like it and would even think about repurchasing. First of all it smells amazing and that is kinda the key factor to why it's so great. It's an oil but when you rub it into your skin it's not greasy but just adds moisture, a shimmery glow and a sweet scent.

Shadow stick

Birchbox alway seems to be putting eyeshadow sticks in and this one isn't bad quality and is a pretty shade however I don't use them very often. They are handy for on the go as you can basically do a one swipe on the eye and go but I would rather something new or different!

Number 4
Sugar texturizing spray

This is another that smells good, it gives your hair a bit of beachy texture and leaves the scent in your hair.

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